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At Trendonix Shop, you can find Products which fulfills all your Tech related needs. Here you will find all your electronics and mechanical components and also components related to 3D printing.

We specialize in providing our own customized DIY Kits for students, Projects for final year engineering students.and also a 3D Printer manufactured by Engineers here at Trendonix, ThreeD

Our Products


DIY Kits

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kits are specially made for students who are eager to learn ad get a hands on experience on various technical projects and see for themselves that how things work in an interactive way.

Microcontrollers & Development Boards

At Trendonix shop you will all your microcontrollers and development boards of all kind be it Arduino, Raspberry Pi or ARM Development boards. Motor Drivers of various specifications can also be found on Trendonix Shop.

Mechanical Components

At Trendonix shop you will find Mechanical Components of all kind be it Omni wheels, Mecanum wheels, Motors of different kinds , Mechanical tool kits and much more.

3D printer Accessories

At Trendonix shop you will find all componentsof a 3D Printer. Here you can find Lead screws, pulleys, belts, assemblies and much more for your 3D Printer and order your very own 3D printer "THREED"

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