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We are building education the world needs - the first truly creative learning experience. We provide interactive courses for students, conduct interactive webinars and workshops at various venues and topics that are usually not taught anywhere in our education system.

Our Courses

Business Skills Trendonix
Electronics Engineering Trendonix
Web Development Trendonix
Indian Languages Trendonix

Business Skills

Here you will find courses which focus on enhancing business skills of students over various domains be it Digital marketing, Entrepreneurship Development etc.

Electronics Engineering

Here you will find courses which focus on enhancing Electronics skills of students. This includes courses of basic electronics, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things and many more

Web Development

Here the courses focus on developing Web Development skills of the students. Courses under this category includes PHP programing, HTML Programing, AWS and many more.

Indian Languages

Our Indian Languages course provides you the best way to learn some of India's widely spoken languages. This includes courses for languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Sanskrit and many more.

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