General Questions

1Where is Trendonix based?
TRENDONIX has its corporate office in New Delhi, INDIA. But, it caters and provides services to its clients worldwide.
2What is the legal name of Trendonix?
Trendonix operates under the legal name of TRENDONIX INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED. CIN : U52100DL2016PTC291510
3What are the contact details of Trendonix?
Corporate Office :
4735/22, Office no. 11, Ground Floor,
Prakash Deep Building,
Darya Ganj, Ansari Road,
New Delhi, INNDIA - 110002

Contact Number :
+91-9599-799-877 (Call/ Text/ Whatsapp)
+91-11-65-699-877 (Call/ Text)

E-mail Address :

Trendonix 3D

1How does Trendonix provide 3D printing service?
Availing Trendonix 3D printing services are super easy. First check your 3D Design is its ready to be printed. If not, we will design your 3D design first, then we will proceed with the printing of the designed model in 3D.
2What kind of 3D printers Trendonix use?
Trendonix uses self manufactured high precision and high speed ThreeD printers. These printers are solely manufactured and produced by Trendonix.
3Does Trendonix sells 3D printers?
Yes, We have our own range of 3D printers under the brand name of Trendonix ThreeD. They are high precision and high speed 3D printers using superior technology. To buy our ThreeD printers, you can visit

Trendonix Labs & Robotic Prototyping

1What does Trendonix Labs do?
Trendonix Labs is a unit of Trendonix which deals in development and prototyping of various new concepts. The Research and Development department of Trendonix works on various conceptual projects of our clients worldwide to give them the best of their expectations.
2What kind of projects Trendonix Labs do?
Trendonix Labs undertake all sorts of prototyping projects. We, at Trendonix work hard to develop and give shape and formation to the imagination of our clients. From concept toys to daily consumables, electronics to mechanical designs. We undertake various kinds of projects in Trendonix Labs.
3How much time and cost does it takes to prototype something in Trendonix Labs?
The time and cost entirely depends on the nature and complexity of the project. The more complex the project is, more work hours will it take, hence would be the cost and vice versa. We try to complete our research and development work the soonest possible.
4What kind of workforce does Trendonix Labs has?
Trendonix Labs has a tough and competitive selection process for staff selection. We at Trendonix aim to give us the best services. We assign dedicated and skilled workforce at Trendonix Labs projects with in-depth knowledge of their subjects.
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