January 1, 2018
Technical Academy for Students
January 18, 2018

3D Printer FOR ATL


Within anyone who has experienced the power to dream… is hidden a creative genius!

To everyone who has the ability to think… is given the power to Make.


Atal Innovation Mission by NITI Aayog and Government of India, envisaged a novel program – establishment of Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs) in schools across the country. Atal Tinkering Lab is envisaged to be a playground to play and learn science beyond school text books, through application based self learning, to foster solutions to community problems. The vision is to create millions of neoteric innovators in India.

ATL provides an enabling environment for students to innovate through a do-it-yourself approach. The Labs will be equipped with sophisticated machines and instruments such as 3D Printers and Microcontrollers for honing the technical and innovation related skills of students. They will help to bring theoretical concepts to life and inculcate a range of skills including those pertaining to design, computational thinking and physical computing. Due to the practical orientation of this approach, students will learn to “make” which, in turn, can lead to the development of real-world applications and new enterprises. These labs have been envisaged to be the hub for innovation, invention, making, tinkering and giving shape to ideas solving local and global problems using technology.

The fourth industrial revolution is marked by a fusion of technologies straddling the physical, digital and biological worlds. Mass customisation and additive manufacturing — the so-called ‘3D printing’— are its key concepts, and its applications, yet to be imagined fully, are quite mind-boggling. Atal Tinkering Laboratories are equipped with Rapid Prototyping Tool ,3D  printers which can print using  1.75 mm PLA and has a build volume of 180mm ×200mm ×160mm encouraging students to bring their ideas to life .

To setup the laboratories in schools ,NITI Ayog has given the responsibility to few vendors .TRENDONIX is the indicative vendor providing all the Quality equipment’s to schools and providing the training by professional trainers .TRENDONIX makes the high quality, reliable, stable and easy to use 3D printer at affordable price manufactured in INDIA for Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL).

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