3D Services


If a picture is worth a Thousand Words,
A Prototype is worth a thousand pictures.

We help you Shape your Imagination


At Trendonix, we provide worldclass 3D designing, modelling and printing facilities.

We have expert 3D Designers and 3D Artists who excel in giving shape and creation to your imagination. In addition to this, we compliment your designs by printing them with our self manufactured high quality industrial grade 3D printers.

Our 3D Services

➠ 3D Designing
➠ 3D Modelling
➠ 3D Rapid Prototyping
➠ 3D Printing

Our expertise makes us

think by your brain

Thinkers and designers here at Trendonix take utmost care of customers' needs and put in their best efforts to meet the requirements. Analyzing everys need with care and respect is what makes us deliver 100% satisfaction.

How it works?

Trendonix ThreeD - A 3D printer


A 3D printer

ThreeD is premium high quality, big built size, reliable, stable and easy to use 3D printer by Trendonix. With ThreeD by your side printing your imagination has never been easy.



Some of Our work

Watch ThreeD in Action


Want your Ideas come to reality ?

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